FirePointe, DeLeeuw, Jeoffrey and Renee Powell, Jeoffrey Powell, Renee Powell, Seasoned Romance,
FirePointe, DeLeeuw, Jeoffrey and Renee Powell, Jeoffrey Powell, Renee Powell, Seasoned Romance,
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For decades, Jeoffrey and Renée Powell helped develop
state-of-the-art research and interview techniques while
working with numerous corporations, psychologists,
counselors, authors and researchers.

Both, however, have preferred to stay out of the limelight,
often shunning requests to develop their own books and
materials. They have worked in relative obscurity, by design.

In 2006, however, they were approached by a new website
targeted specifically for men and women over the age of 50.
Their eColumn,
Seasoned Romance, has consistently been one
of the favorite features on, passing along a
combination of romance tips, intriguing research and
leading-edge information for seniors.

Seasoned Romance continues, but is a much
more expansive website, focusing on many of the interviews
they have conducted through the years, as well as sharing
much of the research they and their team continue to gather.
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