D.L. from Alberta, Canada:
I'm 59 years old. I'd like to let you know that your book, Seasoned Romance, not only saved my marriage, but
probably also the my life and my husband's life.

Let me explain, then I want to ask a question.

One of the over-riding themes of your book, in nearly every chapter, is the fact that making better lifestyle choices
in such areas as exercise and eating can make all the difference in the world.

Why does it take so many people, my husband and myself included, to wait so long to see how important health
really is?

Jeoffrey and Renée:
First, thank you for the compliment, but we know that you are the one that is making better choices. If the men and
women featured in
Seasoned Romance have inspired you, we applaud both them and you.

    As we have witnessed so many times, there are no magic
    answers for seniors who desire better sex, but the closest we
    have seen to a miracle is when men and women make the
    decision to start taking better care of themselves.

    As always, before embarking on a new lifestyle direction, we
    strongly recommend that you get a complete physical
    examination and seek the guidance of your health professional.

    In answer to your question about why people often wait so
    long to see how important health is a good one. The answer,
    most of the time, is that there are usually only three reasons to
    decide to change in any area of life: (1) pain, (2) pleasure, (3)

Sometimes we change because we get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes we change because we
want something, such as lovemaking, to be more pleasurable. Sometimes we simply get new information that
helps us make better choices.

Regardless of what has caused you to make the changes in your life, we wish you a lifetime of Seasoned Romance!

T. R. from Oklahoma City, OK:
Thanks for the great book and Website?

Secondly, the thing I learned most from Book One is the importance of getting back in shape. It hasn't been easy,
but I've stuck with my plan and have lost nearly 20 pounds. I feel like a new man, and sex really is much better, but
I still have nearly 25 pounds to go.

What can you say to encourage me when I'm feeling like skipping my exercise or when I feel like eating that big
piece of chocolate cake like I would have done in the old days?

    Renee and I asked some of our professional colleagues what for the best answer. We think
    you will especially like what one of our physician friends suggested for us to share with you:

    "Would it inspire T.R. to tell him that his penis will grow 1-6 inches if he sticks to his
    fitness goals?"

    Before you write this off as a joke or an ad for male enhancement, let us explain.

    As men age, and especially as they put on weight, the penis seems to shrink. Even with
    men of normal weight, at least a third of the penis is buried underneath the "pot belly" that
    tends to accumulate with age. With an increasing number of men now characterized as
    overweight or obese, the protruding belly not only "shrinks" the penis even more, but also
    rules out many sexual positions, sometimes even making sexual intercourse impossible.

    Losing weight helps shrink the belly, your penis "grows" significantly in the process as
    more of it is literally out in the open, your self-image inevitably zooms, you feel less
    strained and winded during sex, you will undoubtedly have more energy, you can try more
    enjoyable sexual positions and, best of all, you can get closer to the one you love as you
    enjoy all of the above.

    What could be more inspiring than that?

Suddenly skipping those exercise sessions and eating that huge piece of chocolate cake seem less tempting,

R. A. from Brussels, Belgium:
My wife and I (both 70 years old) started a new program of working out and watching what we eat. This was due, in
large part, because of your book. I have lost nearly 14 kg (nearly 31 pounds), and my wife has lost nearly 10 kg (22
pounds). This morning we jogged 5 kilometres (over 3 miles) this morning. And both of us are immensely grateful
to the people in your book for emphasizing how important fitness is to the overall sexual experience.

My question (actually from both of us) probably seems rather egotistical, but it intrigues me.

My wife and I have literally become exhibitionists in the privacy of our own home. Thankfully, we have curtains, so
our neighbors don't see. Our children and grandchildren live a distance away, so we don't have to worry about
them showing up unexpectedly.

This is how extreme it has gotten. I've actually spent the last few weeks building a large privacy fence around an
area of our back yard, then having a  whirlpool spa installed inside the fence. Getting more vitamin D from
sunshine is part of the reason, but the main thing is that my wife and I both like the idea of being outside in the

I would have never dreamed that my wife and I would become such hedonists, if that is the right word. Or maybe
the right word is naturalists. Whatever!

We love seeing ourselves in the mirrors. And the idea of installing a mirror on one of our bedroom walls is getting
more appealing.

Do other older people who lose weight go this crazy about looking at their own bodies and enjoying being in the

Jeoffrey and Renée:
Crazy? A lot of men and women around the world would like to be that crazy.

We've interviewed so many men and women around the globe who went through many the same feelings as you
and your wife, especially after losing weight and getting more fit.

And why not? Once you start getting into shape, the boost to your ego can enhance so many things about your
life, including your sexual health and activity, which then multiplies the effect of a better self-image.

As long as you aren't running nude through the streets (unless you live in a nudist colony), what's the harm? As
long as it is private, enjoy the view!

And as for mirrors in your bedroom? If you can afford it, why stop with one wall? Better yet, how about a mirror
over your bed? If nothing else, it will make your family and visitors wonder what you've been up to!

P. D. from from Savannah, Georgia:
Okay, I get it. Exercise is important for sex. But why do you emphasize fitness so much on a site that focuses on

Jeoffrey and Renée:
Yes, we do emphasize how much exercise has to do with romance. We've simply heard and read too much not to
understand the correlation.

Let us cite just a few of the many academic studies that have shed new light on this subject.

  • A recent University of California at San Diego study focused on 78 middle-age males who had previously and
    increasingly adjusted to sedentary lifestyles (something that isn’t hard to do in an age of computers, fast-
    food, television, and twice-a-day commutes to work. These men agreed to begin exercising three to four
    times a week for one-hour each session. There were many benefits, of course, but almost every former and
    admitted couch potato began reporting a desire for more frequent intimacy, stronger and more reliable
    erections, and significantly greater overall romantic satisfaction

  • The results were very similar for middle-to-older aged women who were studied at Massachusetts’ Bentley
    College. In a comparative evaluation of women who exercised regularly and those with a more sedentary
    lifestyle, the exercisers almost universally had more frequent and enjoyable intimacy than their counterparts.

  • Less than an eight-miles drive through the Greater Boston area from Bentley’s Waltham campus to
    Cambridge, Harvard University did a study showing that males from a variety of ages who exercised at least
    20-30 minutes a day were half as likely to experience erectile dysfunction as those who exercised less or not
    at all.

  • In a related Harvard study, weight gain among males almost invariably caused a greater likelihood of
    erection problems.

What does this mean for you?

    Get rolling, and you are more likely to rock (and we’re not talking about back porch

    Always, always get medical check-ups before beginning a new fitness regimen, and
    follow your doctor’s advice, especially if you face physical challenges, but get moving.

    This doesn’t require high-tech equipment or expensive gear. Any type of
    cardiovascular exercise—walking briskly, jogging, bicycling riding, swimming—will do
    wonders. It’s important to start slowly and build gradually, but your idea target should
    be 30 minutes to an hour at least five times a week.

    Add strength training, stretching and flexibility programs to your regimen, and you are
    likely to be pleasantly surprised at what happens in bed (or on that back porch

Just remember, fitness is only part of what leads to greater intimacy. Greater endurance and a better physical
appearance can make you feel better about yourself and function better in the heat of passion, but it’s also
important to remember that developing better lovemaking skills, greater warmth, deeper understanding of your
partner’s desires, and a heightened awareness of your changing body—all of these, coupled with fitness and
wellness, help make you a more passionate Seasoned, Sensuous Senior.

Give pleasure. Receive pleasure. Get rolling! It’s all a part of the wonderful process of romance and intimacy.

Discover the secret why those men and women you see exercising every day do what they do. We’ve interviewed
and researched enough seniors to know that those joggers and weightlifters may be grimacing while they are
exercising, but you ought to see them smiling when they are able to enjoy greater intimacy!

Almost universally, the exercising, healthier men and women insist that romance and intimacy is better than ever.
We are betting that you will, too.
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