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My Question...Seasoned Answers
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Since agreeing back in 2006 to write our Seasoned Romance
eColumn on the popular Boomer and Beyond website
com, and especially since the release and success of Seasoned
Romance, Book 1
, and now Seasoned Romance, Book 2, we now
receive hundreds of emails and letters each week. You have no
idea how remarkable and humbling these responses are.

This is quite a change from the relatively obscure life as
international researchers we enjoyed for most of our career
together. We were more than happy for our well-known corporate
and individual clients to be in the spotlight. That has all changed.

This Q and A section is not intended to be a substitute for seeking
professional and licensed medical, psychological, sexual or
behavioral counsel. Instead, the encouragement and advice we
offer is a result of thousands of hours spent working with some of
the finest professionals.
                        −Jeoffrey and Renée Powell
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D. J. from (City Withheld by Request) Germany:
I just noticed that you've added a link to some pretty explicit images for many of the MY
QUESTION topics, especially the ones about sexual positions and oral sex. I'm in a
quandary. I like seeing some of the different positions illustrated, but couldn't you do
them with animated videos or stick figures. What do other people think about these
images that you've added to your website?

Jeoffrey and Renée:
We didn't add this feature for several years after starting, mainly because
we weren't sure what the response would be? Would people think they are too explicit?
We did a lot of market research, especially on people in our target audience, and came to
realize that there simply wasn't much else out there that wasn't depicting negative sexual
connotations that often disparaged seniors. We've specifically avoided photos of
domination, semen shots, cruelty, and more. We discussed this at length with
psychiatrists, geriatric physicians and educators with whom we have worked. And now
that we have unveiled this feature, we've been quite gratified by the response.

(Name Withheld by Request) Chelmsford, England:
We really like what you've done to the website by adding actual photos and videos that
illustrate the topics and positions.

At first my wife (she's 73 and I'm 76) was a little hesitant to take a peek at what was
happening on your site, but when she realized that it wasn't the typical mistreatment of
women and so forth, she has enjoyed it as much as I do, especially since it's geared
primarily for seniors. It's opened up our discussion of what each of us likes and doesn't
like, in terms of foreplay, sexual positions, and after-play. We also appreciate that is safe and doesn't have aggravating pop-up advertising or dangerous
viruses. Candidly, we enjoy visiting the site, both together and individually, to get the
fires burning. So, I don't really have a question, per se, but I mainly wanted to let you know
that you've helped make a real difference in our love life?

Jeoffrey and Renée:
We thank you and welcome any additional thoughts that will make better
for people just like you!

H.J. from Taipei, Taiwan:
I'm a widower who lost my wife two years ago, and I wondered then if life was over in so
many ways, including romantically. I found your website quite by accident six months or so
ago. I visit it often, and I like that I can watch it while enjoying sexual feelings. I especially
appreciate that you deal with the subject of why I shouldn't feel guilty for having sexual
feelings and acting on them appropriately. I want to let you know that I greatly appreciate
your website with all the photos and videos. Do you have others who write you to let you
know that they enjoy your site as a valuable aid to self-pleasuring, or am I the first to be
this candid?

Jeoffrey and Renée:
We often receive notes reflecting your thoughts exactly, and almost every one like yours
asks if they are the first to admit that they use the articles, photos, and videos to help with
lovemaking and self-pleasuring. We have received thousands of notes and letters from
readers of our
Seasoned Romance books that have said similar things such as "helps gets
us in the mood," "revs my engines," "turns me on," "sensual stimulation,"
"encouragement to enjoy myself again" and so many more phrases.

Although our interviews, writings, and website features are primarily designed to be
informative, inspirational, illustrative and educational, we consider it a wonderful
compliment to receive notes such as yours. We are thrilled any time we can do anything to
help seasoned romance flourish for men and women, regardless of age!

    S.E. from Phoenix, Arizona:
    I really have enjoyed reading the information on about cock rings. I'm 71 and
    sometimes have problems with getting as hard as
    I desire. I take blood pressure meds, so that may
    have something to do with it. Anyway, I've sought
    to learn as much as possible for myself about what
    foods, exercises and supplements help with aging
    and erections, and what you all have featured on
    your site has been very liberating.

    I had never heard of cock rings before the first
    time I read what you've shared, It made total
    sense to me. I used your HOT LINKS to order some
    for myself, and have experimented with different
    sizes. I've done a lot of research and trial and
    error since then, and I wanted to share one thing
    that I haven't read anywhere that works for me.

I like the stretchy cock rings best, but sometimes they slide down toward my penis head
during intercourse or self-pleasuring. After several "out of the box" ideas, I tried 1/4"
elastic, just like you buy at the sewing store or WalMart, and wrapped it around my lower
waist twice, tied the two ends together in a knot (which I slid around to the back), then
after using a pump to get erect (yep, I read about the pump on your site, too, and ordered
it through your
HOT LINKS), I looped both strands of the elastic around the base of my
penis. It's the most comfortable cock ring I've felt, and I've found that it works like a
charm, stays in place, and gets the job done. Maybe it seems like a lot to do, but it sure
beats wishing and hoping. I hope this helps some other guy who may be able to use the

Jeoffrey and Renée:
We've received several responses similar to yours about using elastic ribbon, but few as
well explained as yours.

We've checked with several experts, and through they can't officially recommend this
method, it seems to work well for some men as a combination elastic cock ring and strap
to hold the ring in place.

We've also received a number of recommendations from our readers about a variety of
cock ring straps that are sold commercially. Here are two links for your consideration:

We wish you the best as you continue your Seasoned Romance journey!


S.E. from Phoenix, Arizona:
After reading your response to my recent note, I decided to order the Ring Thong and
Double Ring Jock. I really like them both. They're much better than my suggestion about
the elastic band that I had come up with, although I still like to use it sometimes. With the
jocks, the cock rings are held in place by straps that allow you to change cock rings easily
to a size that fits, as well if you prefer more flexible or rigid rings. I was a little sheepish to
model them on in front of my wife, but she really liked how both of them looked on me, and
after intercourse with each over the next week, she said she enjoyed how both of them
held the cock ring in place better without slipping. She's even gotten a little more daring
by ordering sexy lingerie and some other unmentionables. We give your
suggestions two thumbs up for spicing things up in our bedroom!

Jeoffrey and Renée:
We've been inundated with positive responses to your earlier note about the elastic
ribbon as well as your most recent follow-up about the thong and jock designed especially
for cock rings. One of the things a number of people have mentioned is how they
appreciated how open you were, S.E., about very real challenges senior men often face.
We join in the applause and wish you and your wife continued and fulfilling Seasoned
(Name and City Withheld by Request) California:
Even though I'm signing this, I'm asking you to forego using my name. I mainly want to
send my note of thanks to you, along with a question, without diverting attention away
from what you two lovely people are doing.

    I've been very blessed during my career as an actor. At the same time, I
    haven't always lived an ideal life. Some time ago I met the love of my
    life. Even before I met her, I had reached a point in my life where I had
    decided that I was going to make better choices.

    Both of us have been monogamous with each other since we realized
    things were getting serious. I honestly thought it would never work for
    me, since I had always prided myself on enjoying a variety in the women
    I spent time with. I actually used to use the word smörgåsbord back
    then, and I relished that sort of life for many years.

    However, as I mentioned, I began making a lot of changes in my life
    around the same time I met the woman to whom I'm now happily married.

    Now this is where it comes to you. From the beginning, my wife and I
    became fans of your SEASONED ROMANCE column at

Then came your first Seasoned Romance Book 1, then Book 2. We've read and re-read
several copies of each, and have given many more as gifts.

I can honestly say that your writing has been a game-changer for me. I've realized more
and more that a trusted relationship can become a hotbed for variety, spontaneity and
incredible romance.

I just hope you understand how meaningful your writings have been to us. We are
happier now than we could have dreamed, and we've been able to do this without
venturing outside our marriage. In the world where I've lived and worked most of my life,
that's almost unthinkable.

So, on behalf of myself, my wife and obviously many, many people out there who
understand my sentiments, I want to express my appreciation to you for your obvious
dedication to giving hope, inspiration and confidence to men and women who are our
age and older.

Now, my question: When will Book 3 be available?

Jeoffrey and Renée:
You've warmed our hearts, especially coming from someone who has touched so many
lives with your talents and consistent commitment to excellence in your films.

Truthfully, however, the true champions of our Seasoned Romance e-column, Firepointe.
com and the Seasoned Romance book series are the men and women who have been
willing to share their lives so candidly with our readers. Without them, there would be no
reason to have the e-columns, website or books.

As for your question, Book 3 is in the final editing process and targeted to be released
either late Summer or Fall of 2016. Our editors believe it will be the best yet!
Check out ALL the topics for recent additions!
    J. W. from Toronto, Ontario:
    I was very skeptical when I first saw your website. I kept waiting for all the
    pop-up advertisements and weird come-ons. After visiting
    several times, I realized more and moe that you were legit and truly
    interested in helping seniors become better romantics. I've since learned a
    good deal  from all the different articles and questions.

Finally I broke down and ordered both of your Seasoned Romance books from Amazon
on Kindle. I just want to thank you for making it real and explaining how wonderful
seasoned romance can be. My husband and I have entered a new phase of our
relationship, and we've become a lot more realistic about what it can be. We can't think
you enough. One question: My husband isn't huge like so many of the people we see
pictured in your images section, yet I can tell you without reservation that he satisfies
me completely. What's up with all the big ones, especially when most men are
supposedly normal sized?

    Jeoffrey and Renée:
    Great comments and even greater question. See our
    answer to the next writer. And check out our answers to the
    size question and a reprinted article on this important topic.

    T. E. from Dubai, UAE:
    Throughout your books and website is a recurring theme:
    Biggier isn't always better! I've appreciated that. So, what's
    up with all the men in the photos and videos section that
    seem big to huge? There are some who aren't, but... Isn't
    that a little hypocritical, especially to us regular-sized guys?

Jeoffrey and Renée:
You're right, but there's a reason. Our website people use a variety of sources for the
photos...some from (1) reliable sources on the internet, some from (2) commissioned
modeling sessions and some from (3) our viewers who send in photos voluntarily
because they believe in what we are doing both educationally and inspirationally for
seasoned romantics. Simply put, we've found that most men with small to normal
equipment aren't as willing to share their wares with the world. Certainly, as anyone who
has read our materials already know, bigger is not always better when it comes to sex.
However, apparently size does have an impact on those who want to bare it all, even for
the illustrative and educational purposes that we promote. Meanwhile, we have asked
our website assistants to be more aware of this disparity and to put a priority for
"normal" in their searches and modeling sessions. We thank you and welcome any
additional thoughts that will make better for people just like you!