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A Final Note: Your Own Seasoned Romance Questionnaire

Plus, Your Own Seasoned Romance Questionnaire
and an Invitation to Participate in this ongoing Book Series
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I'm 67 years old. I've survived two husbands, both of whom were abusive. I now own a garden center and
make a good, satisfying living. I'm now dating Bill, a wonderful man, but am still somewhat afraid of getting
serious with him because of my past experiences with men.

My first husband Jerry was rotten to the core and eventually made me feel like I was that way, too. I didn’t
see him in that light at first, of course. He was a hot rodder and drag racer even before it was the popular
thing to do, and he looked and acted the part, right down to the leather jacket and knob-nail boots. In my mind he was Marlon
Brando and James Dean and Elvis Presley rolled into one, and I fell hard for him during a rebellious period as a teenager.
He was four years older than me. My parents did everything they could to keep me from going with him, but it didn't work. I was
determined to prove everyone wrong—that I could change Jerry. I was still pretty naïve about men, and he took full advantage.

It took years for me to get over that experience. I went from hating Tom for treating me so horribly, to feeling guilty that he was
dead, especially since I had made the final decision to leave him right before he slumped on top of me.
Mix in all the guilt and horrible feelings from my earlier marriage to Jerry and his death, and it’s a wonder I wasn’t a total basket-

I was surprised when he asked me recently to accompany him on a motor home vacation—a fishing trip to Colorado. I was even
more surprised that I agreed. We had a great time fishing for rainbow trout at an out-of-the-way place high in the mountains near
the Continental Divide.
That first night, with the sweet mountain air all around us, we sat together on my bed, both in our flannel pajamas, and talked
about our feelings for each other. I can't explain what happened, but one moment Bill was talking, and the next moment I reached
for his handsome face with both hands, pulled him towards me and kissed him as deeply as I dared.         He seemed surprised, at
first, for we had never done more than a peck goodbye before, even though we had seen quite a bit of each other. He said my
name several times, as though he was stalling, wanting me to be sure that I wanted to go farther with our relationship than before.
He finally stopped, looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I'm not pushing you to do this. . .I mean, I want you to want this, too."
I did! He was the most genuinely caring man I had ever met, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.         For the first
time, we touched each other intimately. I loved rubbing my fingers through the white hairs on his chest. He kept rubbing my nipples
and kissing them, stroking me all over with his gentle hands.
Still, inwardly, I knew I wasn’t ready to go all the way. I finally asked him if he would be upset if we didn't “do it.” I think if he would
have insisted, I would have been intimate with him, right then and there. He earned so much respect that night because he was
such an understanding man. I think, by then, he knew that I was still working through so much about the physical part because of
what I had gone through before.

In a very real sense, I've been looking for a man like Bill my entire life. Now, finally, I've got the chance to have the kind of
marriage that dreams are made of. At least I’m not just a wounded, scared spectator anymore. I’m an active, happy participant.
I’ve worked hard through the years getting past all the scars and pain. Now at 65, I’m finally getting a third chance at love and
happiness and passion with Bill, and I’m going to enjoy it in every way!