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Both of us are 70. We have similar backgrounds—up to a point. We were both born in Austria, but in
different cities. Both sets of parents came to America to get away from the growing menace of Nazism
spilling across the border during the Thirties.
Klaus and I met in college. We dated a little there, off and on, and liked the fact that we could both talk
in our native tongue and had similar family backgrounds, but he was a football player, weightlifter and
track star, and I was pretty much an "egghead," as we used to call people like me, or a “geek” in today’s
I was totally devoted to my studies as a pre-med major, and I didn’t plan for anything or anyone to get in the way of my plans.
Klaus was just as passionate about his athletic goals. So for us it was more of a friend-thing than a boyfriend-girlfriend
relationship. We may have held hands a few times crossing the street or something, but there was no petting or sex by any stretch
of the imagination.

Klaus and I cried a lot that weekend—together and separately, but by Monday morning, we made the conscious choice to try and
piece our life together, if for nothing else than our kids and grandkids and the legacy we hoped to leave for them.
Admittedly, the threads holding us together were dangerously frayed, but we decided to “tie a knot and hang on,” as my mother
used to say.
We went through a lot of counseling together and realized that we had been going through the motions for a long, long time,
maybe even dating back before our wedding. Each of us had been married more to our careers than to each other. Thankfully,
our children had turned out very well, but I'm not so sure that it was more in spite of us as parents than because of us.
It took a year to make the transition, but to use a term that everyone threw around during the Seventies, we began “finding
That journey including several marriage retreats and week-long getaways, including a visit with friends in Juneau and Fairbanks,
where we absolutely fell in love with the raw beauty of the Forty-Ninth State.
Now, to get to the part that really took everyone by surprise, friends and family alike, within six months of visiting Alaska for the
first time, we decided to cash in all of our New York chips, so to speak, moved North to the Last Frontier and bought into the
simple life—lock, stock and barrel!
I sold my medical practice. Klaus took an early retirement from his company. We bought acreage on a lake, lived in temporary
housing and built a log home with our own sweaty, blistered hands. Today, our property in the Land of the Midnight Sun has the
most breathtaking view of the Wrangell Mountain Range from our back porch. To both of us, it reminds us of the Alps in our native

We've been together for over four decades. The first few years were pretty good. How we survived the next 15 years, I'll never
know. We grew about as far apart as you can without completely splitting with each other. Or destroying each other. Thankfully,
with God's help, we've been able to get back together.
Henny talks about a second chance. I'm glad we didn't end up like so many of our friends who are either divorced or are locked
into dead marriages. Or dead.
Our life today is about as different from where we were 20 years ago as night and day. For one thing, Henny and I spend almost
all of our time together. That would have driven me nuts before, her too, but it’s great now. Maybe we're just making up for all the
lost years when we hardly saw each other.
Mostly, we've genuinely fallen in love with each other. I think we always loved each other, but it was more of a thing that we were
supposed to do—marriage, family and keeping all the proper appearances. Duty, I suppose. Continuity, too. Building some kind of
history and legacy for our kids and grandkids to follow.

I think people would also be surprised at how Henny has changed, too, at how spontaneous she has become. She was always so
regulated and disciplined. Now she does some of the craziest things to just surprise or please me. She's the one who got me to
strip down to the buff to work out in my gym. I was working out one day, doing some leg crunches, and she was working out on the
bench machines. I don't know what got into her, but she took off all her clothes and asked me to do the same. It was great! Unless
we have family or friends visiting, we never work out in clothes anymore.

I just love touching that man, and he seems to like touching me, so we always take our time with foreplay. This time, though, I
wanted it quick. The whole weekend had been a great turn-on to me, watching him get ripped for each session, then seeing him
pose. He's quite a sight—always one of the oldest, even in the master's division, but also one of the best built. With his white hair
and beard, he's become a crowd pleaser. Plus, he fills out his posing trunks better than anyone else. I like that, too.