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Seasoned Romance, Book Two
KENNETH (67) & GINA (68)…One-Hit Wonders No More
VICTORIA (65)…Not a Scared Spectator Anymore
KLAUS & HENRIETTA (both 70)…Alaskan Adventure
GILBERT (35) & MARLENE (70)…May & December
MAXIMILLIAN (74)…The Professor
PETER & LI (both 67)…Eastern Horizons
DOROTHY (71)…Perfect Ten
LEROY (67) & JUANITA (69)…Different Cultures
IRENE (68)…Hidden No More
HERBERT (81) and IRMA (77)…Shooting Stars
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I am 69. Gilbert is 35. Yes, you heard it right. We are definitely one of those so-called May-December
romances that you read about.
And, yes, I’ve heard the “cougar” term that is sometimes used when an older woman gets involved
with a younger man, but I’ve reached the point that I really don’t care what other people think, especially
when they don’t know the real story.
People sometimes react strangely, and I understand that. Society might be able to handle an older
man with a younger woman, but the other way around is still pretty much frowned upon.
Like I said, we’ve reached the point that what other people think isn’t all that significant. We have nothing to prove. We like what
we have together, and that’s what is important.
You see, there’s a lot more to the story than just our age difference. For starters, I met Gilbert through my husband Dominic. Dom
was a very successful businessman who passed away nearly five years ago. Gilbert was one of his primary physicians. The thing I
remember most about Gilbert at first was how he truly seemed to care about his patients and their families. I expected it, of course,
since it was a very nice hospital and especially since our family was well known for our corporations, real estate holdings and Wall
Street successes.

Our romance has been a little tricky, even after we both got honest with each other about how we felt. I have even heard people
say, “He’s in it for her money. It won’t last. She’s still grieving, and once these things run their course, they’ll both return to sanity.
What then?”
I still don’t know what to tell people who think those things. Frankly, I would probably be saying the same things if this hadn’t
happened to me and I was observing another couple just like us.
I just know that our age difference doesn’t really matter to me. I think it does more to Marlene. Maybe it doesn’t bother me as much
because I’ve always seemed older emotionally than my physical age.
While everyone else was riding bicycles and swimming as young teenagers, I was taking summer biology classes and reading
medical textbooks. While others my age were dealing with pimples and trying to get to first base with a young lady, I was plowing
through my college pre-med classes and certain I would never get to first base with any of the female students who were all
several years older than I was. While guys and gals my age were going to homecoming dances and heading to the beach for
spring break, I was attending specialized medical seminars. And when they were starting families and coaching little league, I was
doing advanced research and adding more framed certificates on my wall.
What I’m trying to say is that I was always around older people. I felt comfortable with that situation, knowing that it was the only
way I could accomplish my goals. It just seems that it’s always been that way.
So with Marlene, it seems perfectly natural for me to be with someone older. I don’t think of it as out of the ordinary, even though
other people do.

I steeled myself, halfway wishing I could just turn around and go back to Martha’s Vineyard, yet by that time I was driven to find out
for myself what was going on.
I hoped against hope that it was all as he said and I’d walk into a business meeting somewhere in his office or see him relaxing
after a hard day out by the pool.
I unlocked the door, turned off the alarm and walked around the seemingly empty house. Then my heart fell. I could hear muffled
noises coming from our master bedroom. I steeled myself, then pushed the door open. Dominic was in bed with a female executive
from one of our companies—a young woman whose parents were close friends, a recent MBA graduate that I had personally
recommended for hiring.
Dominic and she were in glorious full view, quite deep in the throes of passion and didn’t even realize at first that I was standing in
the doorway. There were clothes strewn around, and they were humping away on top of our beautiful bed comforter I had
specially ordered from a quaint little quilting shoppe in London.
Even at that moment I made a mental note to burn that damned comforter!
Frankly, seeing his bare-ass flailing in the air and his testicles doing the tango in mid-air was like having a horrible flashback of
seeing my father pumping up and down on the schoolteacher in the backseat of our family car. It took everything I had to keep
from running away and throwing up, as I did when I was a teenager.
Finally I forced the burning lump out of my throat—“Well, well, well…isn’t this interesting?”
Dom’s line was the most classic of all comebacks: “Marlene! This isn’t what it seems!”
What? They were playing racquetball? At least that might explain the matched set of bouncing balls I had seen flapping in the

I have a number of stories that illustrate how sensual Gil is. He doesn’t even realize how good he is, no matter how many ways I try
to tell him.
Whew! I hope I can tell this and do justice to him without being to gushy or embarrassing. It’s difficult to share something so
private, but here goes…
He is excellent at making love. I like how he is very concerned to make sure I’m enjoying myself as much as he is. It wasn’t that way
in the past for me. Often with Dominic I felt like I was there for him, but he wasn’t always there for me—if that makes sense.
If I had good feelings during lovemaking with my first husband, that was great. If I didn’t, as long as he was fulfilled, that was what
really mattered, not only to him, but also for me. I figured my good feelings were tied to what he experienced. That probably
sounds pretty old fashioned to some women today, but it seemed perfectly natural back then.
Gilbert is from an entirely different world. He’s all man, there’s no doubt about that, and when he’s going strongly inside me, he
can be as forceful as can be, which I enjoy immensely.