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A Final Note: Your Own Seasoned Romance Questionnaire

Plus, Your Own Seasoned Romance Questionnaire
and an Invitation to Participate in this ongoing Book Series
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We have been romantically involved since we were 50, or for 17 years now. Sometimes it’s hard to believe
that we’ve been together that long, since it has gone by so quickly.
At first, as we’ve both mentioned, we both just wanted a warm body to be with. Literally! Neither of us
had been with anyone else since our marriages had ended. It simply felt good to be with another caring
person. It seems so hedonistic as we look back, but both of us were emerging from marriages that had
gone from bad to very worse.
So Peter and I wanted companionship more than anything—something nice, safe, harmless, and
hopefully fulfilling. The sexual part, as it got better and better, was a pleasant bonus, but just sharing life with another warm being
was the best part.
I’m not trying to put anybody down, but it’s important to understand that I had endured a horrible marriage with Lee, a very
abusive husband. He and I grew up in the same area of China, though we didn’t meet until we both came to America as young
people. We were among the first from our area to be allowed by the communist authorities to leave China in order to come to the
United States attend graduate school.

My story has some similarities, only it doesn’t involve all the horrible physical abuse that Li endured. My wife Mina and I were
married after both of our fathers made the decision for us to be united. At that time, arranged marriages were still somewhat
common in our culture, though much less so than in the past. Even today, however, over 30-percent of marriage in Japan are
arranged, or what my culture calls omiai.
In our case, the union was somewhat like a business arrangement, beneficial to both families. Our fathers were partners in a
business with offices in both Japan and San Francisco. Mina and I were married after both of us finished our education in Japan.
Then both of us came to the United States, again as both fathers decided, to enter advanced schooling. In so many ways it was a
very sheltered life. Neither of us had to work. Both of our families were able to afford whatever we needed in our educational
In many ways we appeared to be a perfect couple, but both of us were very selfish and pampered, neither of which makes for a
good marriage. The worst thing was that I could never do anything good enough for Mina. Even when I had a 3.8 grade point
average in graduate school, hers was a perfect 4.0, and she used very cunning, deprecating ways to make sure people around
us knew of her superiority and my “failures.”
After graduation, I took a very well-paying position with our family’s business. It was rewarding for me, career-wise, but the money
was never enough for the lifestyle she desired. As was her pattern, she had no qualms drawing the distinction between my income
and people in similar career paths who were making more and progressing more rapidly.
Worse, she enjoyed cutting me down emotionally in front of family and close friends. She was so stylish and intellectual that it
never looked cruel to others, perhaps, but it was always done for maximum effect so that I knew that others knew of my
To others, she was merely displaying a rapier wit. To me, it felt like a dagger to my heart (or, more to the point, stabbing perhaps
more in the groin area!).
If chipping away at my manhood were an Olympic sport, she would have been an all-time gold medal winner.

So when I say that Li helped me to learn to “be in the moment,” I really mean that she saved me from myself. Despite the problems
in her first marriage, she had overcome so much and brought such a commitment to feeling things—to living life to the fullest.
It’s like the struggles made her want to enjoy romance more than ever before—like making up for lost time, I suppose. It seems
that it would have been the opposite, but she is definitely the kind of woman who is a glass-half-full type. She realizes that life is
made of choices, and she’s chosen to be up, not down.
So with that in mind, let me say that the first time we decided to go all the way sexually was unexpected by both of us. We had
spent time with each other studying and even socializing, but one night I think we truly realized how much we enjoyed being with
each other. All of a sudden, something clicked! I could tell she wanted to move forward in our relationship as much as I did.
I reached over, out of the blue, and kissed her. It was tentative, at first, but everything got pretty heated very quickly.
I probably wouldn’t have gone ahead, but I could tell that the passion was building in her, too. She returned such great kisses,
then began touching me all over with her hands. For someone so starved for attention and passion, I was a goner. Apparently she
was, too.
It’s not as if I didn’t have a choice, but I was absolutely, positively choosing to go down whatever path we were heading.
Within a few moments, we were in the midst of such passion I could hardly stand it. I had never known that it could be that intense.
It felt so good because I had always questioned whether I was as bad as my first wife seemed to think, or if I was a good lover. Li
was amazing. There was no judgmental attitude. She seemed so pleased with everything I did and everywhere I touched her.
When she kept saying, “Peter, you’re amazing!” and “You make me feel so good!” I can’t even tell you how awesome that
sounded to me. Maybe that wouldn’t appeal to someone else who was accustomed to it, but I was like a sponge soaking all these
positive things in. She literally made me feel as if I could do no wrong.