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A Final Note: Your Own Seasoned Romance Questionnaire

Plus, Your Own Seasoned Romance Questionnaire
and an Invitation to Participate in this ongoing Book Series
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We met when I first graduated from law school. He was a partner in the law firm where I went to work. He
was 12 years older than I was at the time, but seemed a lot older and wiser than his years, as I remember.
I was one of the first women to be hired by his firm, and though a few associates enjoyed making it as
rough as possible on “the little gal,” he took me under his wing and helped me immensely during the first
few years.
Looking back, I realize that Craig and I were attracted to each other from the beginning, maybe even
the first interviews. He looked senatorial in the Kennedyesque sense—a great head of hair with intense-yet-friendly eyes. He was
always dressed to the "T's," as the phrase goes, with the sharpest of tailored suits, the latest ties and the shiniest shoes.
We spent a lot of time together during the first few years, but it was all business. He was married to a woman I’ll call “Gwen.”  She
was a great person whom I admired, and they had three beautiful children with the perfect house in the suburbs. I never, ever
planned to get involved with him, and I didn't as long as he was with our firm.

Not long after he was elected the first time to a state office, I was working late at night in my office, and he dropped by to pick up
some materials from his old office.
He came into my office, and we started talking. I really missed seeing him every day. Maybe he was the father or big brother I
never had, but he was a great student of the law, and I had truly enjoyed how his mind worked. His instincts for legal strategies
were uncanny, and I learned immensely from seeing him in action in both boardrooms and courtrooms. As mentioned, in many
ways he had been the difference between success and failure during my early years with the firm, yet he did so with no strings
attached—thoroughly professional.
Again, up to that point we had just been colleagues in a high-pressure firm, nothing more. I appreciated all he had done to help
and mentor me, but I wouldn’t have thought things would ever turn romantic.
That’s what makes it so hard to explain what happened next. One moment we were making small talk about upcoming cases, as
we had for four years, and the next minute he walked over to my desk, leaned over, gently took my face in his hands and kissed
me deeply.
melted in his arms as our bodies merged together. Still embracing, we half-walked and half-danced over to the door and locked it.
Within moments, he opened my blouse. I pulled his hand over my breasts. I was on fire. We ended up on the carpet, still mostly
Without talking, even though lots of red lights were flashing in my mind, I stood up, put my arms around him, and very quickly
clothed, and within a few minutes we were both gasping for air, trying to avoid making  so much noise that we would attract the
attention of the night-watchman down on the first floor of the building.

Since then Darnell and I have seen each other several more times. We’ve hugged some and kissed a few times. I do enjoy his
kisses, but though I’ve felt that old familiar fire rising inside me and sensed that it was doing the same in him, we’ve kept
everything aboveboard.
Who knows where it will lead? To use your phrase, he makes me feel very sensual and sexy when I’m with him. I think he feels the
same around me. So I guess that’s the answer to your question. It means being alive and excited about life. I think that excitement
translates well into every area of your life, certainly to the sexual part of you.
In fact, I can’t wait to take our relationship to the next level if it is meant to be. I do want to be wanted and needed in a physical
way. I want to feel the heat between a special man and myself again. I think Darnell would be a great person to spend my life with
if everything continues to go forward as it seems to be right now.
Only this time it will be after we’re married. No more hidden life for me. I want everything out in the open. I’m getting too old for