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Seasoned Romance
Book One
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From DeLeeuw
Research Group
Publications, this
acclaimed book
features  interviews
and edits by Jeoffrey
& Renée Powell.

The landmark series
begins with a
surprising look at 10
stories of age 60-plus
men and women who
reveal candid,
often-intimate details
about their secrets for
loving, long-term
Selected Reviews

By Chrissy Marshall (Boston, MA USA)
"I've got to admit that this book was surprisingly revealing. The editors and people being
interviewed didn't mince words, that's for sure. But if you want real-life stories from older people
who share from their hearts about lasting relationships, heartwarming romance, and what it
takes to keep the home fires burning, then you're absolutely going to love every page of this
book like I did!"

Two reviews in one
By Corrina1960Corinna
My 75-year-old husband's review:
What I wouldn't have given for this book to have been
available when I was 40, 50, or 60. Still, I learned a lot, especially in the Franco chapter.
Practice makes perfect, right? We've even enrolled in ballroom dance classes (you'll have to
read Chapter 9).
My review (and I'm proud to say that I am 71): This book has added a lot to our
already-good relationship. We ended up taking turns reading aloud to each other, and I've got
to say that the immediate results have been...shall we say...very rewarding. Our love life hasn't
been this good in 20 years. Now dance lessons? I'm loving it!

Learning to cherish every moment
By Mountain Melody
Everyone seems to have a favorite chapter/interview, so I might as well chime in. For many
reasons, I related so much to Gladys in Chapter 2. I loved her spunk and imagination. I really
liked the fact that she didn't focus on what she missed, but learned to cherish every moment
with Huck. And who wouldn't like the "Mile High Club" story? What a hoot! Don't think I'll try that
one, but I loved the sticky note idea. Perhaps I'll try that one down here on terra firma.

What a great book! I truly loved each of the interviews. Even though I admittedly was blushing
at some points while I read, at the same time I was already thinking of ways to do the same
thing with my big ole Grizzly Bear to whom I've been married for five years! Grizzly Bear is so
pleased with the results that he's now reading Seasoned Romance. This can only get better
and better!"

Another Two-fer Review
By KittyClover1
I saw earlier that someone gave a review from both a husband and wife, so I'll do the same.
Though I love the book and really learned a lot, I didn't give it five stars because of Chapter 9. I
just wonder if Franco's interview was right for a book about romance and long-term intimacy.
Even tho his chapter was very interesting and insightful, I liked the other nine chapters better. I
especially enjoyed the last chapter about Al and Arletta. I even got a Frank Sinatra CD out and
played "Love Is Lovlier (The Second Time Around)" as I re-read that heartwarming chapter.
My husband, however, thought Chapter 9 about Franco was the best of the book. He liked the
"rose petal" idea a lot. He would have given the book 10 stars if Amazon allowed it. And last
night he surprised me by playing Glenn Miller's "String of Pearls" on the outdoor speakers while
we danced over and over to that song in our flower garden. I'm liking this!

I guess the Chapter 9 discussion about Franco shows that even after 55 years lovers can still
agree to disagree on some things! I just know that I wouldn't trade my own "seasoned romantic"
and trusted lover for a zillion bucks!

Seasoned Delightfully
By CullowheeCutie
HOT...!!! Whoever said men and women over sixty weren't romantic? This book certainly
explodes that stupid idea. Each of the people interviewed seem so down-to-earth, even while
radiating healthiness and sexiness.

I couldn't put the book down! When I finally did, I decided to wake my husband up the same way
Sophie (Chapter 1) and Mamie (Chapter 7) did. Yep, it worked!

A Book About Sensuous Seniors...It's About Time!
By RubyRedQueen1
The book's title is Seasoned Romance, Book One, but it's mainly about heroic, sensual
(and sensuous) seniors who offer refreshing honesty about their experiences of intimacy and

For too many generations, our society has worshipped youth while ignoring older people who
have so much seasoning and wisdom to offer (and obviously some damn good sexual
experiences that we can learn from!). Now, with this book, we actually get to read what it means
to be over 60, yet having the times of their lives in so many areas, including love and making

How I respect the people featured in these 10 different interviews who obviously cared enough
to share openly how wonderful lasting relationships and romance can be, no matter how old
you are. Kudos to each person in the book who got emotionally naked enough to help the rest
of us understand that it is possible to keep passion's red-hot fires burning throughout life!

Good Golly, Miss Molly!
By ChrisRulesRoute66
Years ago, if you would have told me that I would enjoy reading the most intimate details of love
and lovemaking by men and women over 60, I would have said, "You're crazy."

Well, I just read Seasoned Romance, Book One. I thoroughly enjoyed it, not only because it is
inspiring to see what is possible as I get older, but also because the underlying message of the
book is simply that an extraordinary life of romance is built on "ordinary" things such as
exercising, eating right, learning how to be more romantic, and having a great attitude about life.
Love this book! Can't wait to read Seasoned Romance, Book Two!

By Mary Maywood (Spokane WA)
I can't begin to explain how liberating this book was for me. There were times that I was brought
to tears. Other times I found myself laughing at shared experiences.

Mainly, though, it was nice to understand, in a greater way than ever before, that it is okay and
absolutely normal to be older and still have sensual thoughts and desires. And it's wonderful to
see that being a romantic at heart, no matter my age, is something to enjoy, not disdain.

I was brought up to believe, in so many words, that older people didn't do "it" anymore, or if
they did, "it" was somehow distasteful or strange. Again and again, this wonderful book blows
away all those myths and wrong-headed ideas.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you, Jeoffrey and Renee Powell, and to DeLeeuw
Research Group, for putting together this book that celebrates "seasoned romance" and as
you say on the cover, "loving, long-term relationships." I can truly say that reading this book
has been a life-changing experience for me.

By ClevelandMamaRocks
As a member of the media, I got to preview a pre-publication copy of this book, and I've been
bursting at the seams to finally order lots of copies to give out. I'm so glad to see that it's
available on Amazon (and other sites and bookstores) and am thrilled to offer my own review.
Three words: Read this book!

Just don't loan it out. You won't get it back. My pre-print copy has now been passed around
again and again, and I'll probably never see it again.

It's that good, regardless of how young or old you are.

I've been a fan of Jeoffrey & Renée Powell and their Seasoned Romance column for years.
And this book from the Powells exceeds anything I could have imagined. Each of the 10
interviews is packed with the wisdom, insight, and warmth that only "seasoned romance" can
bring, and it is remarkable how the interviewees, though mostly from a generation that didn't
talk much about such intimate things, actually opened up on topics about love and lovemaking
that affect everyone.

A warning: If older people talking about sex and their experiences offends you, you might
want to pass. For me, however, all the sizzling parts (and there are lots of great ones) are what
make this book so uplifting and exciting!

I'll admit, I'm not 60 or over yet, as the interviewees were, but I'm so glad I read this exceptional
book (and will undoubtedly re-read it again from time to time). Though I'm still in my forties, I
now look forward to enjoying a life of romance and fulfillment as I get older, just like the men
and women featured in Seasoned Romance, Book One!

Inspiring and encouraging!
By Irish Eyes
I was able to read a pre-publication review copy that I got from dear friends who are among the
10 stories featured in this exceptional book. (Don't ask which chapter...I'm sworn to secrecy!)
Now I'm buying more copies so I can share this great, revealing book with other friends who will
undoubtedly be as excited about it as I am.

Wow! I loved every single compelling story. Finally there is a book that celebrates what it means
to be a "seasoned senior" who is healthy, sensual, and excited about life.
Not only was it amazing to read what these exceptional people say about the role that romance
has played in their lives (and continues to play), but it was truly encouraging to understand that
great (even steamy!) intimacy is possible, no matter how many birthdays a person has
experienced...even eighty-something like the man named Guenther in one of the chapters!
Absolutely inspiring!

I understand there is a series of more Seasoned Romance books already in the works. I cannot
wait to read the next one. And the next!

Available in
Softcover and
Kindle Editions
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